SARLAHI DEVELOPMENT (SD) is an online community which is created on FACEBOOK where approx 2500 members including Farmers, PhD, Doctors, Pilots, Engineers, Lecturers, Layers, Government Employees, Reporters, Business men, other Professionals, different levels of Students,intellectual and others (including leaders) FACEBOOK users are associated with the community. We all are belong to SARLAHI and staying GLOBALLY due to higher education, bright future and better life style. Our common strategy is to DEVELOP our SOCIETY through help of TECHNOLOGY, Support of PROFESSIONALS and support of LOCAL PEOPLE that's why stand together globally. Sharing our knowledge in constructive ways for development which is kind of self contribution. Youths want to see Sarlahi as one of the DEVELOPING DISTRICTS in reality. Thats the reason youths have given the name of agenda is called "SARLAHI VISION 2020" which is target to implement as per our plan and focus on key AGENDA details are to success its our responsibility. We need support of all Govt organisation and people from the district to join this community either online or ground level both are important for us to success.